Pallet Management that comes tailored precisely to your individual needs

Because you need to stay on top of complex pallet flows in an ever changing and demanding environment chances are you will need a tailored solution that bolts on to your existing tracking infrastructure. Not only does Equipment Tracking provide a flexible management service but also two dedicated software packages.

If you lack the in-house expertise to manage all your suppliers, face frequent lost equipment charges, or unexplainably high hire balances, then our management service, (which normally costs less than employing dedicated personnel) provides superior information and control - a hands-on support from our trained account managers. Or if you want the control at your fingertips then turn to ERICA or SEEC.

Our software has multiple ways of accepting data, full or partial, to minimise the manual keying process and unnecessary duplicated administration.

ERICA (Equipment, Reconciliation, Invoicing & Control Application) provides complete end-to-end control of your equipment pool. From order fulfilment, re-supply and collection management, through to raising charges for equipment usage. Equipment can be tracked down to the individual item level utilising barcode or RFID technology.

SEEC (Software for Efficient Equipment Control) is a second software solution for businesses whether you use Chep, LPR, IPP pallets as well as any other combination of equipment. SEEC provides the tools to manage all your balances. Automated declarations and invoice reconciliation remove the need to use a different supplier portal for each pallet type. The system significantly reduces administrative time as flexible data entry options give companies the opportunity to capture the majority of dispatch and receipt data with minimal manual intervention SEEC is able to interface with any production, warehouse management or planning system. We can accept full or partial data, and multiple interface files can each deliver data that relates to each movement part.

Every company has different wants and needs, different strengths and weaknesses. Equipment Tracking understands that for our operation to run successfully we must niche precisely with our clients and provide seamless integration. Not only is our offering flexible enough to mould around you but our support cogs, be it our management services or software, links integrally to your existing networks.

Benefits of our Management Service

  • Single area of responsibility (accountability) for whole supply chain

  • Global visibility

  • Permanent experienced staff

  • Transfer of “best practice” methodology

  • On average a 50% drop in invoice balances for smaller customers

  • Average age of outstanding transfers off account of 2 weeks

  • Management reporting

  • 15 years of Industry knowledge

  • A proven cost savings service

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