A seamless interface into your existing equipment pool network

ERICA (Equipment, Reconciliation, Invoicing & Control Application)

ERICA was designed to be central operations software for Equipment Suppliers, a single integrated system for tracking, delivering, collecting, and Invoicing for an Equipment Pool. The system manages every aspect of the Equipment Pool, from planning customer restocks, through collecting used equipment, to invoicing for equipment use. The system has been designed to be incredibly flexible, and supports almost any conceivable Equipment supply scenario, without any modification to the underlying code. The ERICA system is capable of being used by multiple users and over a network of sites being managed with global visibility for authorised users. Other users are only able to view and manage movements that affect their location.

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SEEC (Software for Efficient Equipment Control)

Companies using SEEC are running hired pools of equipment over their own network of factories and warehousing sites or are logistic operators storing and delivering equipment for a number of different clients. The software modules mirror “real” movement flows for each environment and tailor-made reporting gives managers the tools to ensure that pallets are kept in control at every level. Different SEEC modules give each area of the supply chain the tools to manage their equipment.

The SEEC system is able to distinguish between different service offers for the same and different equipment types, so where businesses take advantage of both the Chep Managed Recovery and exchange pool options, and introduces another pallet supplier such as LPR or IPP, SEEC only declares the Managed Recovery movements to Chep,and the LPR or IPP elements to the individual suppliers. The system then leaves users with the tools to retain control over the exchange balances.

SEEC is the only dedicated multi user, networked database system, focused on managing equipment from all current suppliers and only available from Equipment Tracking.

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